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Solar Water Pumps

Solar Water pumping system provides independent irrigation and drinking water solutions and is ideally suitable for areas deprived or gride power.

The SWP is an independent stand - alone system, which works from dawn to dusk and are available in different sizes. The SWP is ideally suitable for horticulture activity, farmhouses, gardens, nurseries etc.

The pump is generally a mono-block centrifugal DC motor driven pump. As the DC motor is a permanent magnet type, the stator windig is eliminated. A Dc pump when campared to a conventational pump has relatively very low maintenance costs.

The modules are mounted on a mild steel mounting structure. The structure is hot dip galvanized to make it corrosion resistant. The structure also has a manual tracking facility to get the maximum efficiency.

Total Head (mt. / ft) Water output in liters/day* Array Wattage
1800 Wp                              900 Wp
5/16 183400 114660
7/23 131040 81900
10/33 110300 63700
15/49 67940 42460
*Assuming 5.5 kw/m2/day of solar insolation.

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